Our values

Family is at the center of everything we do and kids are definitely part of it! 

mimi et lulu's values reflect everything a family is about: happiness, love, traditions, and a home full of children's laughter!

In a family, a baby is the beginning of a new adventure. We are here to accompany you and your lovely little ones in the most intense and memorable moments of your life.

 Our products

From the cashmere blankets and the swaddle to the pacifier holder, the teether, the bunny and the tooth box, it is in our creative studio that we passionately design the best quality products for your babies. We combine organic cotton, a beautiful palette of colors and a French touch to design durable and must-have pieces. Each piece is thought to guide and help your little one through the important stages of her or his life.

 The baby suitcase

The lovely suitcase is definitely Lucie's favorite! You can fill it with presents. 

Our baby's world is so important! That's why we want to be as eco-friendly as possible... Once gifted, the suitcase can also be re-used to keep your baby's toiletries, toys, milestones and precious memories like photos. It's the cutest memory box for sure.

The baby suitcase symbolizes two important moments when baby arrives:
when mommy is ready to have baby and leaves to the Maternity, she holds this briefcase full of treasure that she will need right after she gives birth, for herself and for baby. This briefcase holds the first belongings of baby!
it also represents a new adventure, and all the belongings you need when you embark on a journey. Who does not take a suitcase when one travels?

 Personalized products

A guaranteed success for your birth gifts, the personalized products are Myriam's must-haves! Embroided swaddles, sleeping bags, bath towels, personalized pacifier holders, teethers and more, you cannot go wrong!

 Handcrafted with Love

We hand-make all the pacifier holders and teethers in our studio in Hong Kong. Each piece is carefully made based on what you wish: color, shapes, materials and of course, personalization with letters!

If you have a special request, please contact us by email at hello@mimietlulu.com or by whatsapp at +852 9131 4609. We always find a way to make you happy!

 Our commitments

Product quality and durability of materials: we want your baby to use and re-use our products, without losing their quality. That's why we chose the finest materials for the products to be as long-lasting as possible!

Eco-friendly = Baby-friendly: all organic cottons are GOTS-certified. It means that they are all produced according to the high standards of the Global Organic Textile Standard. This accounts not only for the quality of the fabrics but also for environmental protection, sustainability, and fair working conditions. And what is sustainable and eco-friendly is also good for baby!

Baby safe: Nothing is more important than keeping baby safe! Our products are designed and manufactured to ensure safety and comfort.